The Prime Minister has announced our nations first referendum in 24 years. On 14 October 2023 Australians will head to the polls to vote on a Voice to Parliament.

After careful consideration, staff and management committee consultation, Basic Rights Queensland supports the YES campaign on the Voice to Parliament.

Basic Rights Queensland recognises and respects the diversity of First Nations communities and people’s views on the enshrinement of a First Nations voice in the Australian Constitution.

Basic Rights Queensland acknowledges the importance of the 12 First Nations Regional Dialogues, which engaged over 1200 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on questions of real and meaningful recognition in the Constitution.

These consultations ultimately led (through the First Nations Constitutional Convention at Uluru) to the proposal of a Voice to Parliament as part of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, encompassing Voice, Treaty and Truth.

We stand with First Nations people in  calling on Australians to vote YES in the referendum.