BRQ is committed to providing high quality services to all of our clients. Our staff take pride in their work on behalf of everyone who contacts us.

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    About Your Feedback

    In circumstances where client demand is increasing, we are obliged to limit provision of our more intensive services to the most vulnerable people who are unable to advocate for themselves. We acknowledge that unfortunately this means some clients who believe they should receive services in addition to advice may be disappointed.

    A Client Satisfaction Survey is conducted annually and the results are incorporated into our process of continuing improvement.

    At BRQ, we appreciate constructive feedback. Any concerns about a service provided by BRQ should first be raised with the staff member involved. If there are still issues requiring clarification after talking to the staff member, the concern can be discussed with the worker’s supervisor.

    Concerns or complaints can also be raised in writing, addressed to the Director. If still dissatisfied, complaints can be directed in writing to the Management Committee.


    The BRQ Constitution can be downloaded here | See Our Client Charter here