Disability Discrimination Help

The Australian Human Right’s Commission describes Disability Discrimination as follows:

Direct disability discrimination

Disability discrimination is when a person with a disability is treated less favourably than a person without the disability in the same or similar circumstances.

It would be ‘direct disability discrimination’ if a nightclub or restaurant refused a person entry because they are blind and have a guide dog.

Indirect discrimination

When there is a rule or policy that is the same for everyone but has an unfair effect on people with a disability.

It would be indirect disability discrimination if the only way to enter a public building wass by a set of stairs, as people who use wheelchairs would be unable to enter the building.

BRQ’s disability discrimination telephone advice service provides information and advice to help a person determine if their problem is Disability Discrimination and if so, what they can do about it.

BRQ’s disability discrimination Telephone Advice Service operates Monday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons but initial enquiries are taken all week by our First Contact Officers.

Whilst everyone can receive free legal advice, our casework and representation capacity is limited and these services can only be provided for the most vulnerable who are unable to advocate for themselves.

We also have social workers who provide services to clients in need of social work support in relation to their Disability Discrimination problem, such as referrals to local community agencies.

How To Get Help

You can call us from anywhere in Queensland, south of Mackay.

Our advice lines are open Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Please call to make a booking for our Disability Discrimination lawyer to call you back. Please note this can take up to a week.

Free Call: 1800 358 511

Where else to get help

Cairns Community Legal Centre provides help with disability discrimination for people living in northern Queensland, from Mackay to the Cape.

Ph 07 4031 7688 or 1800 062 608

Legal Aid Queensland provides specialist legal advice and help to victims of discrimination and sexual harassment.

Ph 1300 65 11 88

Australian Human Rights Commission information about the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and your rights.

Ph 1300 656 419 or 1800 620 241

Queensland Human Rights Commission for information about the Queensland Human Rights Act, your rights and discrimination.

LGBTI Legal Service gives free legal advice and information to LGBTI clients, including legal advice in relation to discrimination.

QPILCH Self Representation Service (QCAT) gives legal advice and helps people applying to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal for matters including discrimination disputes. They may be able to help with drafting documents and correspondence about your legal matter with QCAT. They don’t provide legal representation.

Queensland Law Society can refer you to a private lawyer for advice about employment and industrial law. They may be able to provide representation for your matter.

Fact sheets

While you’re waiting for our call, you can find useful information here.

We Cannot Help With

BRQ is not able to give advice in relation to areas of law outside social security or disability discrimination:
  • Child Support Matters
  • Family Law Disputes
  • Matters At The Australian Taxation Office
  • Personal Injuries
  • Proceedings In Criminal Courts
  • Wills And Estates

If we cannot assist, we will try to give you information, or a referral to a more appropriate service or avenue of complaint.

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