“Mandy”, who has an acquired brain injury from a car accident, had been manipulated into spending over $500,000 of her accident compensation payment in one year.

With no money left, unable to work, and facing a ‘compensation preclusion period’ which means she would not receive any welfare payment before 2019, Mandy and her children were in a desperate situation.

BRQ sourced funding for a neuropsychologist report which showed that, as a result of her injury, Mandy lacked financial decision making capacity, was easily influenced and highly impulsive.

BRQ successfully argued for the preclusion period to be waived, backdated to the new claim we had assisted her to lodge.

So, Mandy had a little arrears with which to pay her rates, phone and electricity, (which was about to be cut off). Most importantly, Mandy, who is permanently unable to work, now has the security and peace of mind of ongoing income.