Jane sustained a work injury resulting in severe, chronic pain, which still had not resolved five years later. The pain exacerbated her depression, a condition she suffered from due to previous trauma.

Jane received a compensation payout but the funds were quickly used up in legal fees and in the costs associated with supporting family members who moved in to care for her and her young son after the accident.

Jane was eligible for a Centrelink payment, but this was not payable as she still had a year to go in her “compensation preclusion period”. When she came to the Centre, Jane had no money left and was relying on charity and family members who were also in financial hardship.

We were successful in arguing for a waiver of the remaining compensation preclusion period on the basis of special circumstances which included Jane’s poor mental health and the impact her circumstances were having on family members. Now Jane can focus on recovery and on caring for her son.