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BRQ Client Stories

Tom – Disability Support Pension granted

Tom – Disability Support Pension granted

After having been in receipt of disability support pension (DSP) for a number of years, Tom was dismayed to find his payment was cancelled. Tom has an acquired brain injury and he suffers from mental illness. BRQ established that the cancellation was due to Tom being reassessed under the new criteria which were introduced in … Read More

Charlie – Disability Support Pension granted

Charlie – Disability Support Pension granted

Born with spina bifida, Charlie suffered from faecal and urinary incontinence. Having been a recipient of the disability support pension, Charlie decided he wanted to enter the workforce on a full time basis. He found a job and surrendered his pension. Charlie drove trucks for nearly 6 years. Whilst driving, he had regular “accidents” which … Read More

Jenny – Newstart Backpay

Jenny – Newstart Backpay

Jenny had been given an 8 week Unemployment Non-Payment Period after leaving her employment voluntarily. Jenny was working when her beloved pet fell ill with a rare illness. She accessed her sick leave, annual leave and unpaid leave from her employment but still needed to care for her pet for an unknown period of time … Read More

Catherine – Compensation Preclusion Period waived

Catherine – Compensation Preclusion Period waived

Catherine approached Basic Rights Queensland as she was unable to qualify for income support due to a “preclusion period” imposed as a result of a substantial lump sum compensation payout resulting from a motor vehicle accident in 2008. Catherine was precluded from receiving a Centrelink payment until 2025 meaning she would not be payable for … Read More

Marco – Disability Discrimination

Marco – Disability Discrimination

Marco*, who has a cognitive impairment, had been employed for many years by a large national chain through an Assisted Employment Program. He had moved into a unit close to his workplace some years before so that he was able to live independently and walk to and from work. Marco was unable to use public … Read More


I feel fortunate to have been able to spend time at BRQ.
Red Hill

Thank you for giving me such an unique opportunity to see law from a new perspective.

The information delivered at the community level from Basic Rights QLD around Centrelink would contribute to women’s (and everyone’s) financial empowerment.
West End

Testimonials - WWQ

Thanks so much for your help and also fighting the good fight. Women are so economically vulnerable during childbearing years and just do not have the time, resources or energy to stand up for themselves without services like QWW.
Manly West

QWWS has been very helpful. Thank you for the realistic truths as to what I was expected to be achieved. Thanks to all of you ladies.

I would like to thank you for the time and effort you have put into my claim. You have been very helpful and I would not have concluded an agreement without your hard work. We have settled an agreement, not entirely what I wanted, but I am really happy about it and I can now close this matter and focus on my next step and future! Thank you again, for listening, and having so much attention on my needs. You have been the best!
Fortitude Valley

I don’t think I could have gone ahead with my complaint at ADCQ if I did not have the assistance of QWWS. The outcome was in my favour so I’m very thankful to QWWS for their assistance.
Bracken Ridge

The Industrial Officer I got was quite simply amazing. Right from the very first conversation she calmed me, she helped me, and she gave me my confidence back. I recently had my conciliation hearing with FWC, and my case was settled out of court which was a big relief to me as I didn’t want this dragging on for months. I went into my conference knowing my rights, knowing the legislation, and knowing that I was right, and therefore determined to get an outcome I deserved. I am very happy to say that I got the outcome I wanted, and deserved, but I could not have done it without WWQ supporting me. I am so incredibly grateful to the the Industrial Officer, and always will be. She is my hero. I really hope I never have to use WWQ Services again, but to know that this service is available gives me peace of mind.

We are grateful to you and WWQ and we will recommend your services to family and friends.

Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart, knowing you all definitely is one the best thing of my life during my stay in Australia and I am glad I am finally able to put the whole thing behind, without your help I can not kept fighting and made it to the end, thank you for stick up with my case  I would be forever grateful and continue to do what is right.

My rep was confident, experienced, kind and very patient with me.

The Industrial Officer was supportive, kind and went out of her way to communicate what was needed to outsource information to support my case. The IO had a clear understanding of the facts and didn’t give up and was professional at all times.

I could not have afforded legal advice; WWQ was a blessing and greatly contributed to a successful outcome with my return to work… I could not have asked more from the Industrial Officers, for their time, efforts and professionalism. The Industrial Officer was so patient with me when considering options, explaining legal terms and benefits to me. Excellent service.

I appreciated your support and assistance along the way. There is no way I would have had the confidence to stand my ground and end up with the settlement that I did without WWQ’s guidance. I found it an excellent service and thank you again.

WWQ were really understanding, and professional in the way they helped me.

There are so many women out there that need WWQ.

The women who work at WWQ are amazing, being able to talk about these issues with insightful women has made the difference to me.
Seventeen Mile Rocks

I had a really positive experience, the staff are excellent.

The lady I had was full of knowledge, I was pleasantly surprised that WWQ did exist. Hadn’t heard of WWQ before, the lady made alot of sense, and gave very practical advice.

I would like to take this opportunity and say many many thanks to you and your organisation for the help, support, advice and assistance you have provided me over the last 3 months since I contacted you. I would not have had the strength and the knowledge and confidence i have had today and will have in the near and distance future if it was not for the knowledge and research i have had to follow through following your advice. I thank you and may you continue helping people like me who needed help and could not scream from the roof top but have someone willing to offer advice just a phone call away.